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Always ON

Always ON

GuestPro is stable, secure and available 24 hours a day. No installation, always up-to-date. Accessible from any place and device, only with your email.

Core Automation

GuestPro automates critical business processes, such as card validation or email sending. It will give you peace of mind, save you work and prevent mistakes. Automatically.

Core Automation

Standard PCI-DSS

Strict compliance with PCI-DSS credit card regulations has never been easier. GuestPro integrates with your bank so that there are no cards in sight at your hotel.

KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

Ease of management means better management. By simplifying work processes, staff can focus on tasks with greater added value. Greater performance, with no compromises.

Wihn Smart PMS
Wihn Smart PMS

Plug & play

GuestPro has an open API — it has been designed to integrate. You can connect all types of tools within minutes. You will not need technical staff, and yet they will love it.

Quick Support

Reduce costs, get solutions. A single platform, a single provider. With GuestPro, everything is easy, simple and quick.

Wihn Smart PMS
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