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Revolutionize your direct channel

Is your website your main sales channel?

GuestPro Brand Direct

GuestPro Brand Direct

Your hotel. Your clients.

GuestPro Brand Direct improves the online presence of your business and provides the tools necessary for success in direct booking. Premium design 100% integrated with high-conversion booking engine.

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Conversion, conversion, conversión. Conversion.

Direct booking is not simply achieved with a good engine — it starts on the website, where content, design, brand and user experience make the difference.

To achieve conversion, the value proposal of each establishment needs to be presented clearly, and with an impeccable user experience for the client.

At GuestPro, we put at your disposal the full power of our tools, but — even more importantly — we pay attention to the spirit of each project.

We know how to sell your hotel.

Highly effective hotel websites

Diseño premium

Premium design 100% adapted to the brand

Trust our professionals with the design and execution of your website. Your hotel sales will improve — both on your website, and the channels you may be listed on.

Premium design 100% adapted to the brand
Promotion of the hotel's key strengths
High-conversion booking engine
Connected to Channel Managers

State-of-the-art booking system

With the GuestPro Direct booking system, you will have at your disposal a powerful distribution platform with extensive upselling, cross-selling, discount, automation and CRM integration features.

Rate mix and room mix! EXCLUSIVE
Room and board upgrades
Cumulative and non-cumulative discounts
Automation of mail and cards

GuestPro Smart PMS
GuestPro Smart PMS

Optimized for SEO, SEM and promotion on social networks.

Our web manager incorporates internal tracking to measure the efficacy of different promotional campaigns. Even if the user uses ad blockers or private browsing mode, the information provided will allow you to understand the ROI much more accurately.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads
Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)
Affiliates and sub-affiliates

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

  • Canabay Hotels está desarrollando un nuevo concepto hotelero en el Caribe. Somos una "start-up" hotelera y el equipo de GuestPro nos proporciona la agilidad necesaria para cumplir nuestros objetivos.

    Oscar Serrano
    CCO / Canabay Hotels
  • Al trabajar con GuestPro tenemos la seguridad de proporcionar a nuestros clientes soluciones innovadoras y de alto nivel. Trabajamos con ellos como un único equipo y esto se nota en los resultados.

    Ana Alonso
    Fundadora y directora / alma Tourism Consulting
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