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Automatic booking management

How much time does your hotel invest in managing bookings and cancellations? GuestPro Card Bot automatically executes the most repetitive tasks. Forget manual work — process hotel reservations immediately and professionally. Save time, avoid mistakes.

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Bye Bye

Say goodbye to booking management

GuestPro Smart PMS

Connected to your Channel Manager and banking platform

GuestPro Card Bot connects to your current Channel Manager or PMS, allowing to automate not only the direct channel, but all online channels.

Download of Channel Manager reservations
Calculation of charges and deadlines pursuant to policy
Validation and charging of deposits and penalties (*)
Pushing reservations back to the Channel Manager (**)
SMS and transactional email sequences

(*) PCI-DSS feature available depending on Channel Manager
(**) Feature available depending on Channel Manager

Relax. Everything is under control.

Avoid mistakes and problems. GuestPro Card Bot allows you to configure behavior by channel, rate or country, and boasts a wide array of triggers that you can use in your email sequences.

Following confirmation
Following cancellation
According to arrival date
According to departure date

According to penalty date
Following card failure/approval
Following a charge/refund
Special events NEW

GuestPro Smart PMS
GuestPro Smart PMS

Greater security and professionalism.

GuestPro Card Bot processes bookings on the fly, thus the speed of response to the customer will be exceptional. All card transactions are carried out under PCI-DSS or 3D Secure regulations.

Immediate processing of bookings
Processing of cards pursuant to PCI-DSS regulations
Option to request payments by Virtual POS

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

  • Canabay Hotels está desarrollando un nuevo concepto hotelero en el Caribe. Somos una "start-up" hotelera y el equipo de GuestPro nos proporciona la agilidad necesaria para cumplir nuestros objetivos.

    Oscar Serrano
    CCO / Canabay Hotels
  • Al trabajar con GuestPro tenemos la seguridad de proporcionar a nuestros clientes soluciones innovadoras y de alto nivel. Trabajamos con ellos como un único equipo y esto se nota en los resultados.

    Ana Alonso
    Fundadora y directora / alma Tourism Consulting
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